Saturday, May 27, 2017

Letter 48

Hey Everyone!

Transfer calls are tonight but since we are going to be pretty busy all transfer week our p day is today. However, Elder Baguley received a call from the Assistants a little bit early to tell him that he will be training next transfer. He is really excited because this is the first time he will train. So, this means I will be getting a new companion! I don't know who it will be yet but I am excited to find out tonight! 

Other than that it was a pretty short week so there isn't much to report. We have been teaching a lot more lessons which is good and we hope to keep it up. We also had a really fun zone activity where we played a bunch of games for p day last week. There are a couple pictures below and it was a lot of fun. Hope you all have a great week!

(Later: My new companion is Elder (Cameron) Peterson and he is from Nampo Idaho! He was my Zone Leader back in Glendale and is really awesome, so I am excited to work with him!)


Monday, May 22, 2017

Letter 47

Hey everybody!

This week has been pretty good! We found a couple people who really seem like they could have some potential and so we hope we can keep teaching them! We also had Kaoussar and the twins Bshara and Zein at church yesterday so that was really good! 

While the twins went to primary we were able to teach Kaoussar and really set good expectations. We pretty much wrote down everything that needed to happen before baptism and what will happen after baptism and what it means to be a part of the church. We went over each person in the family individually and it went really well.

It's too bad Emile wasn't there but I think Kaoussar got a lot out of it and she is really excited to help her family make this step! Normally she leaves before sacrament meeting because she can't control the twins, but this time Elder Baguley and I each sat next to one of the twins and helped keep them quiet during sacrament meeting.

It reminded me of when I was little at church and played all those games like hangman. It went really well! The twins also got to go to fathers and sons yesterday with their dad so I bet that helped them get a lot of fellowship. They are super awesome and I'm so grateful to be working with them! Please pray for them! That's about all this week. Sorry I keep forgetting to take pictures and I also can't find anything cool to take pictures of. Have a great week!

Partial Journal entries:

May 16: Man, today was crazy but awesome! We taught this family the restoration. They would be such a blessing to have in the ward, but they are kinda hung up on some of the deeper doctrines, which is too bad because they are so nice and act like Mormons. They would be such good Mormons too, but that's ok, it was still a good lesson. We then had dinner with James Finlay's family, which was awesome.

May 17: Today was quite the day because it was mostly tracting and calling people. We pretty much called everyone in our area book and tracted for most of the day.  Unfortunately still nobody was found but we did have a small doctrinal discussion with a guy from Christ Church of the Valley so that was cool.  I definitely need to go visit some other churches after my mission because I have a lot of questions about how they all work.

May 18: Today was great! We had district meeting with a good lesson...  We also studied about hope as a companionship and decided that we both need to make a greater effort to have hope and that made the finding day a lot more optimistic. Not only that, but the very last person we talked to before we went to go teach Eric said we could come back Saturday. Her name is Mayra and I think she was a miracle, even if nothing else goes through.

We then taught Eric a lesson. He is a recent convert and we were pretty bold with him but he is really humble and patient and so he committed to stay at church for the whole three hours. Overall pretty good day!

May 19th: It was our district's turn to clean the mission office and so we did that after personal study and then came back and did comp study and weekly planning. We then did some finding and then had a wonderful dinner at the Sandovals. Then it was just more visiting people and then language study and so yeah, it was pretty much just another regular day in Duarte, not too shabby!

May 22: Today was a good P-day because we got to play ball for a bit and we also had a zone activity where we played a bunch of games so that was lots of fun! I wish we had more people to teach, but I am grateful for the Ibraihims. If we could teach them often if would feel like the area was on fire. No worries though. Things will turn up I'm sure.   

Monday, May 15, 2017

Letter 46

Hey Everyone!

His week was just pretty much the same old. We didn't have any meetings and so it was just a lot of finding and working but it was also a lot of fun! Well, I literally don't have anything to write this week but we got to skype yesterday so that was cool! Sorry I don't have any pictures again but I hope you all have a great week!

(Note from Mom -- Sometimes Jase's letters don't say much, as you can see above! However, he does photocopy his journals and send them home periodically.  So I asked him if I could type them up and include them as well. Here they are for this week!)

Sunday May 7: Well, today we didn't have ward council because the Finlays were out of town and they are half of it, so that was awkward. However the Ibraihim family came to church today, which was good. They are refugees from Syria and really like the church, but the language barrier is rough. So they are kind of a long term baptism, but it is really good. I feel like I have worked with a lot of people who struggle with English on my mission and I can't help but wonder if it is part of my gift of communication from my patriarchal blessing. I hope to develop that gift because I don't seem to be very strong with it yet. Anyway, nothing else really happened except dinner with the Wycocks! They are awesome!

Monday 8: Oh man, today was rough. It was just so much finding and knocking on doors, which I just hate. I really wish we had more people to work with, but our area is small and all of the formers aren't really interested. We want to find new people but we just don't know how to find them. Tracting is terrible, but in the area it is really the only way to find a new face. It's just hard to have these completely blank days and no way of planning them. I kind of wish we had more office work. I know I need to learn a lesson from this, I just want to learn it faster so that we don't just keep searching in vain.

Tuesday May 9: Today was all visiting formers and knocking on doors with no results once again. Quite a full day. I'm pretty sure I have like zero faith in tracting, especially in today's day and age where every single place you go, that person has already talked to missionaries. It is frustrating.

Wednesday May 10:  Today was a little better even though the appointments we had fell through. I think its cause we had interviews with president which helped lift things up a bit again. These are the last interviews we will have with President Villanueva. We talked a lot about my assignment as an office Elder and I think it will help me become more "quick to observe" like Brother Douglas taught. We also talked about the needs of the area. I think we need to just keep working and it will turn up.

Thursday May 11: Today was great! We had District meeting first and then today was still a lot of finding, but we got to set up an appointment with Sister Garcia and teach the plan of salvation. I think she has a lot of potential to come back and her daughter as well.  It is nice to be able to teach something for once and we hope to keep working with her. Other than that it was just our usual finding day! I really can’t wait to see this area pick up and I think we can get it to that point if we just keep pushing for it!

Friday May 12: Today was pretty good but really long. We had weekly planning so that took forever, but it was all good. We were able to reach a referral we got named Sal today and he is pretty cool, but is a really strong Catholic. We taught the restoration but he kind resisted it and so we just really encouraged him to really study the Book of Mormon to find out if our message is true. There wasn’t much more we could have done, so hopefully he takes the challenge.

Saturday May 13: Today was decent but it felt really long. However, we were able to find two potentials so that was good. It was just a really long finding day for us even though it was a little more successful than some of the other days but whatever. I am excited to Skype tomorrow and see how everything is going back home though! It will be nice to have a short little break from it all.

Sunday May 14: Well, today was Mother’s Day so we weren’t able to get much work done. The white handbook says that Sundays and Holidays are the vest days to find but that is a huge lie. Church was really good today though and Kaoussar and the twins came to church, but not Emile and so we didn’t teach them. They also didn’t stay for sacrament which was too bad.

However, we did get to Skype family today so that was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it. I feel like it went by a lot faster than it did last time though, so that was unfortunate, but it was all good. My mom and dad reminded me to wear my retainer again. Of course I’m not actually going to do it though. We then just went by less actives for pretty much the rest of the day and then just had language study. So it was pretty good day!

*Note from mom -- he isn't wearing his retainer any more because he didn't wear it every night like he was supposed to, therefore his teeth shifted and it no longer fits! :(  I am setting him up an Orthodontist appointment as soon as he gets home (which isn't for another year) to get a new retainer (or short term braces). We invested a lot of money into that smile and I don't want to lose it!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Letter 45

Hey Everyone!

I can't say much happened this week because it was a little shorter and we had a lot of meetings. On the bright side, I have been getting better at setting up and using all of the technology for the meetings so that has been nice. Since I was at mostly meetings this week I will just write about those.
We received a lot of instruction from President and Sister Villanueva and from the Assistants that was really good.

We talked a lot about the importance of studies and working with the ward. I love having time set aside in the morning as part of the missionary schedule to study. It is such a blessing and really gets my day started off right and I am more prepared for the day. I encourage all of you to take some time to study the scriptures everyday. It doesn't have to be a long time but if you do it everyday it will bless you for the rest of your life.

We also talked about working with the ward we are serving in and I really liked that because we are really struggling to find people to teach right now. This area is really difficult but elder Baguley and I both feel like we are right around the corner from finding someone awesome. I think if we work better with the ward and some of there friends, we will find more people who are interested or just more open to our message.

A lot of people are closed off to us missionaries because we dress strangely and they know what we are all about but those same people are very open to listening when a friend with a sincere testimony of the gospel invites them to listen and just wants what's best for them! I challenge all of you to branch out and make new friends around you that you can invite to hear the message of the restored gospel. It will bless their lives forever and yours as well. Hope you all have a great week!

Pictures: 1. Me and my father (trainer) Elder Stucki. It was good to see him again. He was an awesome trainer. 2. My new companion Elder Baguley. He is a great missionary and very diligent! I need to be more like him!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Letter 44

Hey everybody!

Sorry my P-days are all messed up lately, sometimes we have it Saturday and sometimes Monday, it just depends on when we have meetings. This week we did a ton of finding and we didn't have a whole lot of meetings and so we had a lot of time to go out and work.  Unfortunately, it is a way bigger struggle to find in this area than in my last one.

There is a lot of work to be done but I'm just not used to the finding methods out here. In Glendale, we find people by street contacting. Here in Duarte, we have to knock on a lot of doors.  It's not the most effective thing, but people have actually been pretty nice to us so far.

I just wish we had people who were interested that we could teach but that's ok, I'm sure if we keep searching they will pop up eventually! Well, that's pretty much all for this week and sorry I forgot pictures again but I will try to get some next week. Have a good week!