Monday, August 29, 2016

Letter 11

I don't have much to write about this week because we haven't really moved forward with our investigators. We did however find a less active member who is really prepared to listen to the gospel again and we are excited to see what is in store for her. Also that guy in the other picture is brother Twelves. He is a return missionary who came and visited us. It was pretty great because he gave us many helpful tips and he speaks Armenian perfectly pretty much. We went and visited many people when he saw how bad the situation of the group was so hopefully that gives a little boost to all of those less actives. It was fun to go visit all of these people with him and we learned a lot about how we can improve ourselves and the mission.

As for our investigators, we have no idea what happened but they didn't come to sacrament meeting. For all we know, Artur might have gone to visit Russia from what we heard because we couldn't get a hold of him. Hopefully we will be able to be in touch and help him keep progressing when (if) he comes back. We are having a great time here and the members are awesome! They feed us all the time and it is always super good. 

Unfortunately, none of the Armenian members come out with us for lessons and help with the work but we think we can get them to come if we keep working. For now, the English speaking ones are doing excellent. To be honest though, the hardest thing about this mission is that everyone is super dedicated to the Armenian church. Also, the people in Glendale are super old and we can't find a single Armenian family but we are hoping that if we look around a bit, we will be able to find an Armenian family. It has been good so far and I hope all of you have a good week as well!

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Arcadia California: Letter 10

Hello everyone! 

There is so much to talk about but it has been so long so I don't know where to start. I arrived in the field Tuesday morning and had to go over a bunch of paperwork and stuff. Then I got to meet the mission president and later my companion. His name is Elder Stucki and he is awesome. He was actually born in Santa Clara and we have the same birthday but he is a year older. Also, he didn't get the full MTC experience because he had a surgery and when he got better they shipped him straight to the field. 

Apparently everyone also thought somebody else was going to train me. He is the newest Armenian missionary besides me so this is going to be interesting because we know about the same amount of Armenian and neither of us are very experienced. Well the first day was really long because I was up since 3:30 and once we ate lunch we just started proselyting. It was awesome all though most people we talk to speak English but we did meet a few Armenians though.

For the rest of the week we have been trying to find people mostly because we don't really have many investigators set in stone. It is kinda hard though because there are so many different languages here so when we bump into Spanish or Chinese people we can't talk to them at all. Yes I forgot all of the little Spanish I knew while I learned Armenian. However, we do have one investigator named Ysubella. She is nine years old and comes from a part member family and they all speak English. She loves learning the gospel and we were going to push for her to set a baptismal date but this week she chose to set a date and it is really soon too. We are so excited for her. 

We also have a new investigator named Artur who is Armenian. However, he also speaks Russian so we can't understand his Armenian with the Russian accent. We can barely understand it as it is so that makes it hard but he does speak a little English. And he also came to church this week! It was awesome! I also translated in sacrament meeting yesterday. Elder Stucki has only done it once before and he just decided to have me do it right then and there which was a huge mistake. Luckily only one or two people really use the translator which is good because for each paragraph a speaker said, I translated about a sentence in incorrect grammar. It was an experience though that's for sure.

The group here is great but it is really struggling. In fact, it may be dissolved soon from what I have been hearing. Hopefully Elder Stucki and I can save it with help from the members and the Lord. We are just both so new here and it is hard to learn the language when we don't hear it everywhere we go but we will keep practicing together and trying to talk to others. I am excited to see what is in store for me and I hope you all have a great week!

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

MTC: Letter 9

Hello Everyone!

The last week in the MTC I just can't believe we fly out Tuesday. Others would say that it flew by so fast but no that is not true I think I have definitely been here for at least 8 years. They probably just extended my mission so that I could stay in the MTC. 

Well this week has been great although nothing was different except that Elder Neil L. Andersen came and spoke to us on Tuesday which was awesome. We also did our last TRC skype with someone from Armenia named Mher. We bombed that lesson but the guy was awesome and just made fun of how bad we spoke the whole time. He was super funny and we tried to share a scripture with him but we failed at that too. We tried to share Mosiah 2:17 but accidently did Mosiah 17:2 and I didn't realize it until we were about half way done reading it. That is how it goes when you don't understand what you are reading I guess but whatever. He was excited to get Elder Gray. 

On Thursday we had our In-Field Orientation which was great but it was very long. It was basically workshops all day but I had a lot of fun with it. Also, I don't think I have ever spoken that much English in my life. It is really weird being able to understand everything. Well I don't really know what else to write about. Hope you all have a great week! I will write again next Monday and hopefully by then there will be a lot more to write about!
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Here are some pictures of part of our district, the ones we could get in the picture at least. Also it was a really hot day so here I am jumping in to the Temple fountain. And then it is just me and Elder Gray and then me almost able to leave the MTC. The exit sign was just out of reach but soon I can leave.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

MTC: Letter 8

Wow what another wonderful week of still being in the MTC. I have seen so many people come and go it is unreal. Also we had a lot of exciting things happen this week! Everything was pretty much the same as of who we taught and how it is going so I will just talk about some of the exciting new things. On Wednesday we got to skype again and Elder Gray and I got to skype someone from California named Armen! (I think I can thank Brother Debry who set it up for me. Also Brother Debry why are you teaching English and not Armenian here?) Anyway, Armen was awesome and he loves to talk. We had a fun time teaching him about repentance and prayer and he has such a wonderful testimony. It was sure fun to meet someone in California and I am excited to see him. I told him I would be looking for him when I got there.

Later that same day, we had a wonderful surprise from our teachers. Our new name tags are here. They look extremely legit and unfortunately we can't wear them yet but it was a very exciting moment for us. Lastly, just yesterday we got our flight plans. Everyone was so excited shouting things like "We get to stop in Moscow!" And "We finally get to go!" Meanwhile I was shouting like "Are you serious I am flying by myself?!" Yes, it seems I am the only person in my flight group which has one person and it is me and I am the flight leader of that group which again is only me. No companion for a whole hour. I don't think I can do it. It will be exciting that is for sure lets just hope I don't mess anything up. Anyway, that is about all I have for this week! Just one more P-day and then it will be on Monday from here on out. Love you all and hope you have a great week!

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