Monday, September 18, 2017

Letter 64

Hey everybody!

We had a great week this week! It has just been a miracle to work with Holly (She goes by Zita now because that is her birth name)! Zita has progressed super well and is now half way through Alma in the Book of Mormon. She is loving everything about the church and we set her on date for the 14th of October!

She has been getting some great fellowship and came to church last Sunday and loved it. It is amazing to watch her learn about her family history which has a lot of Mormons in it and she feels like this is where she belongs and we are super excited to be working with her! 

Last night she sent a text to us about what she needs to wear for her baptism so it's totally happening and she is just awesome! She reminds me a lot of Madlena and it is great to have people in the world who are truly searching for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Most people aren't interested or have forgotten the importance of it, but all the work is worth it even just if one soul is to find the gospel.

I have a testimony that many people are out searching for he truth and that we have it and can bring it to them. I invite all of you to share the gospel with a friend this week and serve them even if they don't seem interested. Many people don't realize they are looking until after they have found it. Have a great week! Sorry, I will try to get pictures next week!

Elder Jensen

Monday, September 11, 2017

Letter 63

Hey Everybody!

We definitely had a great miracle this week! It was zone Conference week and so we weren't able to get much done but it was enjoyable to see everybody again and to hear from president. However, we did get a referral this week. Her name was Holly and she requested a Book of Mormon online. I think this is the first time it has happened to me on my mission so I was super excited.

We emailed Holly and set up an appointment for Friday. As we got to know her we realized she has lots of Mormon family and a nephew serving in Uganda on a mission. We taught her the restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon and she is really interested to find out if this is true.

We emailed her the next day to see if she had read the introduction which was a commitment we left with her. She emailed back and told us that she just finished 2 Nephi and that she would start Jacob tomorrow. She is reading super fast which is amazing! She also accepted a soft baptismal commitment and we are excited for our return appointment on Wednesday! We also had stake Conference this week and we had a 70 come and speak to us.

It was an amazing talk and I was glad I was able to attend. You could just see that his testimony was so strong and that he had such a great love for all of the people there. Developing charity is a really difficult challenge for me and it is one of my life long goals, but it was amazing to see his example.

I hope we can all develop this love that is talked about in Moroni 7 and I challenge you all to study the chapter and apply its teachings first with your family, then with your friends, and then with everybody. As you do so and set goals I know that you will be pleased with your efforts and that you will find happiness. Have a great week!

Elder Jensen

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Letter 62

Hey Everyone!

This week was pretty good, I'm just trying to remember everything that happened. We have been meeting with Adrian still but it has been a while because we can't get a hold of him. We are hoping we can meet with him again soon.

We didn't have a ton of meetings this week which means we had quite a bit of time in our area which was really good. We were able to find a few new investigators to start working with and we hope to continue to find more. It has been nice to have more time in the area and we have been able to talk to a lot more people because of it which just feels a lot more accomplishing.

Because we had more time we did a service project for a man named Jim which was a lot of fun even though it was like a thousand degrees outside. Since we normally always wear white shirts I have a pretty bad farmer's tan and I was also very white where the collar of the shirt is. Well, after this project I got totally fried just where the collar of the shirt normally goes on the back of my neck and so I had this nice red stripe, right above it my neck is tan and right below it it's totally white. Now I have a neopalitan tan with three colors. It's pretty great.

This week we also started a challenge mission wide to read the Book of Mormon in 90 days I am really excited for it but it sure is hard. If you know me I am a super slow reader and so I spend a lot of my down time on this specific challenge now but I am determined to accomplish it. Well that's pretty much all I've really got for this week. It sure was a fun week though being able to get out and serve and work in our area!

Oh, we also finally got another ward mission leader so that is a huge blessing! Things are definitely  looking up in the Duarte ward and I have learned a ton from working in this area. I'm so grateful I could serve a mission and I never want it to end. I've heard it kinda stinks going home anyways and what better place to learn and to grow than out here serving the lord!

I know that Joseph Smith really was a true prophet of God as well as all the prophets who succeeded him. I am so grateful to be part of the church of Jesus Christ that has been restored to the earth today. I am so grateful for all of the scripture and materials that we have to learn and grow from. Many people sacrificed everything including their lives just so that we could have the scriptures today and read the things that they have learned.

I challenge you all to read from the scriptures a little bit each day and don't take them for granted! Find out if the Book of Mormon is true and find out if the Bible is true again and again. As you study and pray for an answer over and over again, your testimony will grow and you will receive guidance that will bless you throughout your life. I love you all and I hope that you have a great week!

Elder Jensen

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Letter 61

Hey Everyone!

This week was super fun because it was transfer week! Saturday night we got a call for our transfer from our mission president for Elder Peterson. He is going to Hacienda Heights to be a zone leader again. He was pretty pumped because he really didn't want to get transfer trashed but now it looks like he will stay there for his last area.

My new companion is Elder Clark. He is a Spanish missionary who just came from East LA and this is his first time in English work. I'm excited to have him as a companion and so far this week with him has been really fun. It will be nice to contact people in Spanish as well now because my Spanish contacting is trash.

Anyway, this Monday we worked with all the missionaries going home and there were a lot of good
missionaries in this group. It was sad to to see them go. Then Tuesday we took them to the airport and picked up the new missionaries. It was a lot of fun to meet them all!

Also, Monday and Tuesday evening we were able to meet with one of the new investigators that Elder Peterson and I found. His name is Adrian and he is the same age as us. He is super awesome and really wants to change and so we challenged him to be baptized and set his date for September 30th! We will probably pass him off to the YSA but we are still looking into it. We were able to meet with him almost every day this week and his best friend Alissa though and they are planning on coming to church tomorrow after we give them a chapel tour tonight.

It has been awesome to see things picking up here and really cool that he meets with us everyday because that has been really hard to for most people in this area. The Smallwoods also came to church last week and he has already received a calling! We are super excited for how well things are

I know that this gospel is true and that we can be changed by applying the teachings of Jesus Christ. I hope you all have a great week!

Pictures: Goodbye Elder Peterson and my new companion Elder Clark. Sorry the pictures are kinda bad.

Elder Jensen

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Letter 60

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I'm writing again so soon but it's transfer week next week so p day is early and next p day will be Monday. Nothing too big happened this week but we did have a few fun meetings. There are also a ton of missionaries coming in the next two transfers so I'm pretty pumped because this will make up for the lack of missionaries we had earlier this summer. I guess they all just came a bit later for some reason.

Anyway, transfer calls are tonight so I will let you all know what happened next Monday unless I got transferred because if I did I would be having p day again on this Monday. Elder Peterson and I both think we will stay though so we shouldn't have to worry about that. This week instead of district meeting we had another meeting with half the mission one day and the other half the other day that president out on about controlling thoughts and anxiety and stress and depression and all that good stuff. I thought it was a great meeting and I learned a ton of stuff I had no idea about.

Another great thing from this week is that the Smallwoods will be coming to church! They are a less active family that we have been working with for a while but I haven't really mentioned them in my letters. They have come to church once already and their commitment is growing a ton! Brother Smallwood really has a desire to go to the temple and he is pulling his family along with him and really helping them to progress. He is now on Jacob in the Book of Mormon and is doing great and we are super excited they committed to come to church again. Well that's pretty much it this week I guess.

Sorry no pictures, but I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Jensen

Monday, August 14, 2017

Letter 59

Hey everybody!

I feel like every time it is time to write an email I just forget everything that happened this week. We had MLC which was really good and this week we are going to have a mission meeting which I am really excited for.

We pretty much had this week open to proselyte and so we were able to find some great new investigators and we are really hoping they progress. One of them is a mother of a family and that was really exciting because she sounded really interested in ways she could help her family which is awesome. There are so many broken families today and so it was nice to see a fully functioning family who wants to hear the gospel. Last night we were able to go by the Ibraihims as well and we are probably going to work with them again.

They have been struggling with a lot lately and they have been coming to church (just the classes unfortunately) and I think they really do want to do the right thing. This week we had exchanges and I went into the Spanish area which was a whole lot of fun. I am really starting to enjoy biking a lot more! Well, that's pretty much all for this week!

Here is a photo of the district, we have transfers coming up soon though so we will see what happens!


Monday, August 7, 2017

Letter 58

Hey Everyone!

This week was our first zone conferences with President Wells and they were great! We went to them all and it was a great experience to learn from them. We learned about the importance of following the spirit which I really want to apply more in my mission.

Yesterday we had a stake wide fast for missionary work and so we hope that the work will move forward strongly! We had the chance last week to speak in sacrament meeting which I really enjoyed. I used to hate speaking in sacrament but now I just love it and it's great practice.

That's pretty much all that happened this week but we have a really open week next week so hopefully it goes well! Have a great week!

Elder Jensen